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Vikki Rood


“A perfectly imperfect woman on a mission.  Vikki, who has gone from miserable, unhappy, depressed to a person that is her authentic silly, and free self.  Vikki has discovered through years of self-development, coaching, therapy, recovery, and relentless pursuit of happiness that JOY is possible.  Today she has an undercurrent of joy in her life.  Every moment isn’t skipping through the valley of unicorns and rainbows, but there is a true sense of self-love and happiness.”

“Vikki is on a mission to give women permission to love themselves and create a life of joy!  She is committed to helping other women uncover the light they have inside of them and let it shine! “

The latest from my podcast

Telling On Ourselves

Three gals in recovery sharing our journey of sobriety.

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The life of least resistance!

Do you self sabotage?  Or maybe you quit right before you complete something?  Or do you wait until the last minute and that way you secretly know you didn’t really try.  Our minds can play so many trick on us.  It’s simply part of being human.  
Yes mine is usually the procrastination or screwing up right after I do something amazing.  Typing this it sounds so silly!  And I know that it’s just right because I am learning how to create change and growth! 
So, I have created a workshop that is all about breaking out of our own resistance!  
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Why work with me?

I set you up for success

I have a clear plan for each individuals’ unique experiences and goals. 

My tips and tricks that are guaranteed to work

My coaching plan will be a game changer. If you are not 100% satisfied, you get your money back.

Virtual and on your time

I provide virtual support through webinars, live zoom chats, and my podcast!

Here is what clients say about Vikki

"Where do I begin? Vikki is my personal hero. Coming from the heart, I really believe that Vikki is the most genuine, caring person I have ever met. She has brought so much joy and success into my life. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have had the honor of working with Vikki. Her motivation and encouragement compel me to be a better person each day. I absolutely would recommend Vikki for anyone needing expert career, or life coach advice. Vikki hits deep with her wisdom and meaningful coaching."

-Daria Clingenpeel

I've been working with Vikki for a few months, and she is an amazing life coach! She has been helping me stay focused on my goals and to break through the barriers that have been stopping me from pursuing my dreams. It's been an amazing journey!

--Laura Hoffman

"I highly recommend Vikki as a coach. Working with her has changed my relationship with myself and others. I have learned how to take care of myself, reflect on many of my weaknesses and found a way to build myself up so that those weaknesses could become strengths. Vikki is trustworthy, encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide in helping one discover boundaries and set long term goals to make those boundaries stick. If you are looking for a way to find your inner superwoman, look no further than Vikki Rood."

--Renee Brennan

"I started working with Vikki in January. Since we have been working together, I feel more empowered in my life. Together we pick small weekly goals that have increased my confidence. The grounding and shielding exercises I use throughout my day. If you want more out of life start seeing Vikki. You will be glad you did !!!!"

-Laura Sujak

Are you in sales?

I’m beyond excited to share A Woman’s Path to Joyful Selling with you!

I wrote it after over a decade of working as a woman in sales and filled it with everything I wish I had known at the start.  

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Coaching for women that are looking to live a life of joy and inner peace. How to create self-love, self-compassion. and self-care.

Are you a boss babe kicking a** in your work…but that’s ALL you do.   Work, work, work and then come home and take care of everyone else.  Tired, overwhelmed, burnt-out, and just running on empty!

Do you want to be a Joyful “Boss Babe” and drop the rigid- work too much- ALL of the time lifestyle?  
Do you want to leave work at work and be able to enjoy dinner sitting down with your loves?
Do you crave a connection with your family or friends that is real and not disjointed?

Imagine that you could have both.  Be a rockstar at work and at home!  Imagine that you could be present at work and at home?  

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With Gratitude,