Kindness Rocks

Tonight I went to visit a friend at her house and she shared something she discovered in Cedar Falls, Iowa with me.  Apparently there is a movement of rocks, and rocks with words, and rocks with Kind words (hopefully).  She has been creating them in her home after her visit recently and she pulled down the rainbow or acrylic paints and other tools and a panting we did go.

The idea is you write something good & positive and leave it somewhere people can see and hopefully pick up and use for some inspiration.  I am a quote girl.  I have quote pictures, coffee mugs, & handmade paintings all over the place.  It actually makes my daughter cringe a little, but her uncle says she will love it when she gets older.

I am not a spectacular painter, but I find it very calming to paint.  So the gift of these rocks is to personally make them and to give them away.   I always believe in helping others and giving away what has been so freely given to me.  Kindness rocks are a perfect way to do just that.  The cost is minimal to share a little good in this sometimes crazy and stressful world.

My friend said she’s been leaving them at places she goes regularly and she has come back and all have been taken! Hopefully they are on someones desk or in their pocket or purse.  It makes me think of the ripple effect of throwing a rock in a lake and hopefully it touches many!

Have fun with the Kindness rocks if you give them or receive them.

Talk soon!

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