Play Your Way to Self-Acceptance-6 Week Online Course NOW AVAILABLE


I’ve gotta say that for many years…Joy was a sign I hung up on my wall during the Ho-Ho Holidays!   

But now I’ve discovered the meaning of belly laughs and liking ME!   No, I’m not giggling and skipping around every day like 7-year-old Vikki, but I am doing a couple of things that I never thought I’d be!

  •  My 46-year-old adult Vikki now does laugh and play every day! (Almost)
  •   Letting go of the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” and f**king    expectations I THOUGHT everyone had for me. 
  •  Accepting myself as I am – Good, Bad, Awkward, and Awesome!  

I’m navigating the playground of our adult land with true Self-Acceptance.  

The bullies can go pound sand or not.  I don’t care.

Just imagine that the big jerk in the office sends a passive-aggressive zinger your way, and it bounces off of me and sticks to you (such person in the office), meanie!  

The 6 weeks Online Group coaching – PLAY YOUR WAY TO SELF-ACCEPTANCE will start the 1st week of October.  What’s included??

  1. 6 weeks of group coaching Zoom calls
  2. 1  One-on-One coaching session
  3. Accountability Group or Partner (Depending on Class size)
  4. Over 10 activities throughout the course to bring the joy back to your life.

Click here to sign up today for this course $375 for the entire course! Course begins October 2nd!

Published by Awkward & Awesome

I am a still learning woman with a mission to help other women learn how to take care of themselves first. I have been through monumental changes in my life to become who I am today. Even as a youngster I felt as though I just didn't fit in. I suffered from loneliness, low self-esteem, and untreated depression. Eventually, I found the elixir to my overthinking and used alcohol and drugs to help me cope with the feelings. In 2010 I surrendered to the fact that I had an addiction problem and got help through a 12-step program. Since then, I have found peace and contentment, the ability to create a new life for myself and the people around me. A life that is beautiful and messy and full. One where I finally know my self worth and on a spiritual journey that is growing every day!

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