The Blogher18Health conference I had the chance to attend was such a moving and energizing experience.  Hats off to the organizers and speakers at this event.   I had no expectations and an open mind on my way there.   I am brand new to this and what a way to start it out!  I was inspired, stretched, touched, and motivated to grow as a human, woman, blogger and friend.

The energy in the room was empowering, exciting, and fulfilling as a blogger, and more importantly as a woman.  So what did I learn from the conference?

  1.  Contacts and Connections are key. I met some lovely ladies that were smart, funny, go getters, and kind.  Everyone I got to connect with was encouraging and willing to share their knowledge.  I felt this connection of support and encouragement both days.  It reminds me of the quote “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”  James Keller.  Women rooting for each other, sharing what they have learned and a lot of laughter!  I was lucky to have a conversation with a gem of an entrepreneur and she was so kind to give me the encouragement to go get it!  We shared the idea that we can learn from the mistakes of those that have paved the way before us.  Thank you Tam!
  2. Find your passion and your niche audience.  A particularly important lesson for me as I kick off this journey.  The theme of know your audience which is an imperative rule of thumb for bloggers and businesses alike.  We learned that discovery and learning with your audience can be a dynamic and valuable experience.
  3. Togetherness– (not sure that is a word) I have never experienced such a moving and energetic group dynamic I’ve been a part of in a very long time.  The strength and collaboration that took place at this event was a gift to be a part of.  The inspiration from the strong, successful and forward moving people was contagious.

As I discover my place in this new world of blogging I am grateful for the experience.  This social media stuff is powerful and daunting, but a challenge that I am excited to discover.

Thank you to Arianna Huffington for the reminder that although we are using this incredible technology, we still need to be present with our family and ourselves.

Relentless Forward Motion!


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