Group Coaching


8-Week Online Group Coaching Course Includes

  • 8 weeks of group coaching Zoom calls.
  • One-on One coaching session.
  • One Accountability Group or Partner (Depending on class size).
  • Over 10 activities throughout the course to bring the joy and confidence back to your life.

Are you too hard on yourself?  Do you put yourself last? Are you unclear about what you even like or are good at?  Do you want to learn how to put yourself first guilt free?

How can I help you?

I partner with clients to uncover their passions, identify obstacles and develop a roadmap to manifest their future vision.  We all have the potential for greatness with the proper support and guidance. By harnessing your inner focus and confidence, you will achieve relentless forward motion.  Success is within your reach!

This group course will help you become your own biggest fan and have fun doing it!

The investment in you is $499 over 8 weeks that comes out to $62 per week! If you are interested in joining us on the playground and bringing back your childlike JOY click here to enroll in the course!

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