Who am I?
Professional Coach, Self-Improvement Junkie, Improv Comedy Guru, Mom

I specialize in helping women through their journey of self-discovery so they can achieve their goals including:

  • Healthy lifestyle changes
  • Relationship transitions
  • Career changes (new job, promotion)
  • Self-acceptance

My Personal Story

I believe we all have a right to be fulfilled.  We are all worthy! That no one can give from an empty cup and a lot of our cups are depleted. Yet we still keep going!  We still keep helping everyone and don’t take care about our own emotional fulfillment. I know what it’s like to be the SUPERWOMAN archetype. The one who does it all and doesn’t stop. I literally didn’t have the time to stop and smell the roses because I was too BUSY. Now I’ve learned that I can use my SUPERPOWERS to be in the moment with a loving, kind and authentic heart. I have found success and peace of mind in being. Working on myself hasn’t been easy. I needed lots of help from my own life coach, my therapist, my recovery family and all the great thought leaders I’ve studied. This has led me to a place where I can be true to myself, present for my family, a successful business woman, and a spiritual seeker enjoying the road to personal and spiritual growth. It is a daily process and commitment to staying honest, open and willing. 

How can I help you?

I partner with clients to uncover their passions, identify obstacles and develop a roadmap to manifest their future vision.  We all have the potential for greatness with the proper support and guidance.  By harnessing your inner focus and confidence, you will achieve relentless forward motion.  Success is within your reach!

What experience do I have?

During my 15-year sales and business development career, I managed an annual client base of 6 million with new business growth totaling $100 million.  

Taking the road less traveled, I’ve learned through many different avenues how to practice holistic self-care so I can be “present in the moment” as a mother, daughter, friend, and co-worker. 

Life Coach/Spiritual Training/Energetic Healing

  • Completed the Artist of the Spirit Life Coach Training Program (2019);
  • A safe place for women to share, help, inspire

Addiction Recovery

  • Participating in a 12-step recovery program for 9+ years, gaining invaluable insight on how to deal with addiction, trauma and self-love;
  • Hosting Telling On Ourselvesweekly podcast that focuses on recovery principles and how to maintain sobriety one day at a time;
  • Facilitated multiple program workshops on a variety of topics including:
    • Meditation Workshop for 120 people
    • Improv Your Recovery for 100+ people (McHenry SoberFest, 2018)

Improv Comedy

  • Illinois State University (ISU) 
    • Studied theater and joined the Gamma Phi Circus Co-Ed Fraternity. Elected as the Executive Committee President (only the fifth female to ever hold this position).  
  • iO Theater Improv Training Center
    • Completed Levels 1-5 & Performance Level (alumni include: Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mike Myers and Seth Myers)
  • Laugh Out Loud Schaumburg
    • Member of improv teamsWith That Saidand Crazy Shades of Blue
  • West Side Improv Studio 
    • Member of improv team Buzz’s Girlfriend
  • Performed at Del Close marathon in NYC (2016)
  • Reading 80+ books on self-development, spiritual and meditation guides, business strategy, sales development, negotiation, biographies of successful people and parenting.

What is my coaching philosophy?

I firmly believe that each and every one of us has the right and ability to attain emotional fulfillment.    

Many of us put the needs of others before our own because we’ve been raised to believe that self-care is selfish.  As a result, we feel physically, mentally and emotionally drained.  The proverb “you cannot serve from an empty pitcher” illustrates that we must take care of ourselves first or we will have nothing left to give others.  

My mission is to help women by “holding space” for them while they progress on their journey of self-discovery.  

Having taken the scenic route on my own journey, I understand how hard it can be to ask for assistance—but once I was able to accept help from others (including my own life coach, therapist and recovery family), I found the inner peace and harmony I was seeking.  It is possible to be present for your family, successful in your business endeavors and stay true to yourself…all you need is a willingness to take the first step on your path.   You are worth it!

Artist of The Spirit Certified Life Coach

CLC – Certified Life Coach, CSC – Certified Spiritual Coach, & CEC – Certified Energetic Coach

Training and certification with Diana Der Adkins and Heather Ash Amara

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