Are you a human go-go-going?

I don’t know about you, but I have recently been learning a skill in which I never had.  It is BEING.  You see I am a good old Midwestern American girl that has been practicing the habit of hard work and dedication!  It is a good thing and I truly value that skill and it gave me so much in terms of experience, security, and connections.  However, I was very rarely present in important moments or for important people.  If I wasn’t working I was talking about or thinking about work.  I learned so much, but I was running on empty. You see I was a human going, not a human being.  It’s who I am, very energetic, a people pleaser, a helper (#2 if you know enneagram), basically a professional busy body!

This year has been a year of epic change.  I left a job that became very toxic to me personally and it was probably one of the most difficult decisions because I loved my team and my boss.  But I didn’t feel that I was able to speak my truth or get solutions for my team.  I didn’t feel valued and I decided that I was valuable actually!

I got a job at a great company next as an individual contributor again and then was recruited out to get back into management.  I thought that this was it, the dream job.  Well, somehow my spirit blew that up.  After 20 days that job was done, we didn’t fit.  I was pretty devastated, scared and at the same time felt a calm in my soul.

You see I tried to do my own thing a couple of years prior and it never got its feet off the ground.  It was time and fear that held me back and it simply wasn’t time.  Well, it feels like the Universe, Spirit, Divine, God, whatever it is basically pushed me out of the nest.  So now it’s almost as if I have to do this.  I have to try to build a business for myself.  Space where I can help others and facilitate growth.  I  will share my experiences to help other women who feel like I felt.  Being in a box that everyone put us in and that we stayed in.  I believe that we are all miracles and that we can all be fulfilled if we stay in the right frame of mind and practice self-care.

I’ve been working hard on getting it together and I’m starting messy.  So if you are interested in being on my mailing list please let me know.  I will be hosting a free workshop and doing a live Facebook call.  Please look out for more info and sign up with your email address below!

Peace and hugs,


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  1. Intuitive Life Coach Karen

    You’ve earned your wings. Yes, perhaps Spirit was a bit dramatic but then again you do like improv. 😉 I can’t wait to see what you will create for yourself and for others who see themselves in you!

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