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Launch: February 24
Promo Period: February 10-23

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Phyllis Ginsberg, M.A., MFThttps://vikkirood.com/event/phyllis/
Brian Bogerthttps://vikkirood.com/event/brian/
Ilene S. Cohen, Ph.D.https://vikkirood.com/event/ilene/
Whitney Rosehttps://vikkirood.com/event/whitney/
Dr. Rozina Lakhani, MDhttps://vikkirood.com/event/drlakhani/
Claudia Velandia, MBA, MA, CPC, BEnghttps://vikkirood.com/event/claudia/
Amanda Jane Snyder, CSCS — https://vikkirood.com/event/amanda/
Diana Adkinshttps://vikkirood.com/event/diana/
Marc Reklau – https://vikkirood.com/event/marc/
Allison Evelynhttps://vikkirood.com/event/allison/
Dr. Diana Kirschnerhttps://vikkirood.com/event/drkirschner/
Deborah Acker https://vikkirood.com/event/deborah/
Terri Levinehttps://vikkirood.com/event/terri/
Arielle Ford https://vikkirood.com/event/arielle/
Norma Hollis https://vikkirood.com/event/norma/
Shannon Tranhttps://vikkirood.com/event/shannon/
Holly Bilicki https://vikkirood.com/event/holly/
Rebecca Blusthttps://vikkirood.com/event/rebecca/
Jen Alyhttps://vikkirood.com/event/jen/
Kris Seraphine, Ph.D https://vikkirood.com/event/kris/
Lily Lunehttps://vikkirood.com/event/lily/

Your Interview Air Date

Dr. Diana Kirschner – February 24
Marc Reklau – February 24
Phyllis Ginsberg, M.A., MFT – February 25
Whitney Rose – February 25
Brian Bogert – February 26
Claudia Velandia, MBA, MA, CPC, BEng – February 26
Dr. Ilene S. Cohen, Ph.D. – February 27
Diana Adkins – February 27
Amanda Jane Snyder, CSCS – February 28
Terri Levine – March 1
Shannon Tran – March 1
Dr. Rozina Lakhani – March 2
Norma Hollis – March 2
Rebecca Blust – March 3
Holly Bilicki – March 3
Arielle Ford – March 4
Jen Aly – March 5
Kris Seraphine, Ph.D – March 5
Allison Evelyn – March 6
Lily Lune – March 6
Deb Acker – March 7

Solo Email Template

Subject: [[FIRST NAME]], Want to create habits to have Happiness & Success?


Have you This is that opportunity!

I joined forces with Vikki Rood, a professional development coach and 21 other speakers who are living their purpose, helping others, and sharing how mastering their habits creates real change in a free summit called Habit Mastery Summit. We’re sharing our secrets to help you find simple techniques, harness the power of your habits, and create happiness and success in your life!!

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We’ll tell you exactly how we found our life’s passion so you can start making change a reality in your work and life!

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Newsletter Blurb Template

Newsletter Blurb

Do you start with the very best intentions to create habits in your life that are good for you, but end up getting overwhelmed or bored and just let it fall to the wayside?

It happens to all of us! Let me introduce you to Vikki Rood. She is a woman on a mission to share that change is attainable. 10 years ago she started a journey to make a real change in her life by choosing to live a life of freedom. Through daily small changes she conquered her addictions and has begun to live a life filled with happiness and success that she never dreamed possible. She continues to be rigorous in her efforts to become a better version of herself one day at a time, one step at a time, on habit at a time.

Now with a desire to share that YOU can change with simple strategies, support from others, and uncovering a belief in your worth. The Habit Mastery Summit was born. In her motivation to learn and grow she has interviewed 21 experts that have mastered habits and techniques to find success and happiness in life! You can make lasting change by harnessing the power of your Habits!

Join The Habit Mastery Summit: How to create profound success and happiness with habits that harness real results. The Habit Mastery Summit is FREE for you! Let’s all create real change!

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Social Media Template

21 speakers give you real strategies to change your life. Imagine if you created habits that stick with you! LINK

Become the master of your life and create habits that serve you best! We have 21 speakers that will give you the strategies to create a happy and successful life! LINK

Say Yes to your life, your work and your freedom. Enough of being ruled by your responsibilities, you get to choose how you live your life. Create habits that last in your life! Join me February 24th in the Habit Master Summit. LINK

Want to be a habit Jedi? Are you ready to be trained by the masters? I have interviewed amazing experts in creating lasting change through harnessing their habits! Join me for the free virtual summit. LINK

21 Experts share there secrets to habits that stick! How can you really make a shift in your life by harnessing the power of your habits. Join the Free summit today. LINK

Be empowered, be committed and be connected to your life. How to create profound success and happiness (you can have both) with habits that harness real results. LINK

21 experts share #habits that you can apply to your life that will create lasting change. LINK

Say #YES to you and your simple daily habits to create change. It is possible hear from 21 speaker how to choose you! Free Online Summit LINK

Create Habits that you can do daily with a roadmap from 21 experts how to bring success & happiness in your life. LINK

Do you feel like you have the best intentions to be consistent but constantly go back to old habits that don’t serve you? Are you tired of being too busy or procrastinating because you are overwhelmed? Do you wish you could just stick to the habits you know will help you be more present and efficient in your life? Do you want to find more time in your day because you are a Habit Master?

We have an amazing lineup of speakers that have created change in their lives through mastering habits! They will be sharing with us how to make harness habits and have REAL Change!

Sign up now if you want profound happiness and success in work and in life!


Are you tired, frazzled or unable to keep up with all the things? Are you always being run by the things you need to do? Imagine you can create more time, ease and clarity in your life. Imagine having a choice in what you do everyday. Habits play a huge role in how your day goes, and if you want to learn how to create real change in your life sign up NOW for the Free Habit Mastery Summit!

Do you want to learn how to set priorities, create space in your life for yourself and your family? I made a shift in my life by making simple habit changes every day. Sign up now for The Habit Mastery Summit: how to create profound success & happiness with habits that harness real results. 21 experts share their secrets of how to change.


We all have good intentions when we set new habits in our life. Are you the person that always starts strong and petters out in 2 weeks? It’s not your fault, and you can develop long lasting habits. If you are interested in learning how to create real change – JOIN ME HERE get access to The Habit Mastery Summit, Free Virtual event!

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