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My name is Vikki and I am a fellow traveler on this planet.  I am a mom, a professional-ish, and a seeker of fellow kind people.   One of my passions is sharing the stuff I’ve learned and uncovered with others.  How can my experiences and outlooks help my friends and the people I get to share my days with.   Someone has recently come into my life and ignited a fire for me to share on this platform.  I am intrigued and excited about this blogging journey and look forward to seeing how it will unfold.  I’m not sure what my niche is and will most likely stumble into it with ya’ll.

I am rarely serious, but have been through some serious life changes that have given me a new lens on this crazy adventure of life.  I am a spiritual toddler learning how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into my fairly fast paced and sometimes a wee bit stressful life. I have a full time job as a Director of Sales and a more important daily responsibility of getting to embark on this journey with two amazing children, an ex-husband that I don’t hate (we actually have this parenting in two homes down pretty well), and a soulmate that keeps me honest and joyful everyday.  I have a board of directors I call my posse, made up of some heavy hitting women that I go to with my important life questions.  My go to girls I’d be lost without.

My new life has given me the ability to find a more healthy existence.  I strive to find balance, boundaries, and harmony daily. Strive is the key word in that sentence.  I am addicted to self improvement and listen to podcasts, read books, and scour Pinterest for all kinds of good stuff.   I thrive in collaborative work, and choose to make an attempt not to take life too seriously!

I have a tendency to make up words, songs and sometimes manufacture what I think people are thinking.  I check myself when I go to that place and the good news is I don’t believe my made up stories, most of the time! I am honored and grateful I get to be on an all girls improv team and perform monthly at least to hone that skill.

I’m looking forward to sharing me and hope that my silly self  can become a source of some nuggets of joy, or laughter or a little bit of something good.

Ciao! Vikki

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  1. I 💜 that you’re doing this blog. Kindness rocks and a deep value of friendship and silliness is beyond appreciation. You’ve made an impact on my journey and just love who you are.

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