Play Your Way to Gratitude

How do you create joy, abundance, self-compassion, and love in your life?  Whether you are too busy, too uncertain, or feel a sense of guilt about putting your happiness on the to-do list.  I’m here to confirm that all of those things get better when you do put yourself 1st! 

If you are burnt out, overworked, stressed out, bored, over it, or simply don’t have anything to look forward to join me at this powerful masterclass!  The power of gratitude changes everything! 


Sunday Sept. 18, 2022 @1pm-2:30pm
Tuesday Sept 20, 2022 @6pm-7:30
Friday Sept 23 @12pm -1:30pm

Duration:  90 min virtual masterclass
Please show up with a pen, paper, an open mind, and an open heart.
You will learn how gratitude changes everything!
Workshop price $25.00

Vikki Rood a woman on a mission to show you the gifts you have, that you may not see!

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