Shifting Gears

I have an influx of time on my hands and have decided to get back to my blog!  I’ve been getting back to the idea of Relentless Forward Motion and boy do I need that right now.  My life has been stripped of my normal and I am now in-between the next phase of this journey.

There is a freedom and fear involved in this time for me.  Ultimately I am extremely grateful for my program of recovery because it has provided me with the evidence that getting through the rough roads IS ATTAINABLE.  Because I have gotten through many pot holes along this road.  It has also given me faith in a power greater than me and my own simple thoughts.  I have an inner knowing that all will be well and this struggle will be able to help other people gain some clarity or courage.rough roads 3

I’m throwing it out there that I will be committing to myself and all ya’all to continue with this blog throughout.  My purpose here is to be a source of fuel for others that may be going through a rough patch.  What does relentless forward motion mean?  How do I put that into action?  Who has helped me along the way?  Where has it saved my bootie?  When do we know that we are in forward motion?

Today I will ponder that as I check my blog post off the list!  It is one step closer to building my dream of being a co-pilot in our road trip of life!

Be good to yourself and do one thing today that will help you grow!

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